I am a 52 year old female that lives in Western Washington.  I have been a Geek since I was born.  Got my first 110/300 baud modem in 1983 and chose the handle Firefoxx.  That is the name I am going by on my blog.  My Husband is Flash, my dad is Robert the Red, and my brother is Peeps.

My hobbies are of course Technology especially Photography, cooking, gadgets, Bicycling and Hiking and I would really love to travel.

All of these things require you to be in decent health with good flexibility.  I am working on getting into excellent shape, physically, mentally and spiritually.  As the big reward for reaching this goal, Flash and I will be taking a trip to Japan at the end of 2018.

Flash, Firefoxx, Peeps and the Handyman.

My dad Robert the Red passed away at the end of April 2017, and he really wanted to see my brother Peeps and I get to a healthy weight.  My dad also told me I should start journaling.  I am super bad at that…. But I am going to give it a try.    So this is about the Journey of Firefoxx and Peeps and getting back our Health.  Our mother passed away in January 2017, and I am just going to call her mom.

Robert the Red and Firefoxx.
Firefoxx and Dumpty and Peeps.