I’m Back!

I’ve been really busy, and then there was a glitch in the Matrix.  It appears the administrative part of my WordPress Site was not working.  Still on the FODMAP diet.  So onions are a no-go at this point in time.

Started on Allergy shots a couple of weeks ago.  I went through them 24 years ago for a couple of months, and then the doc put a stop to them.  Trying again, this time I am taking Steroids and Zyrtec in the morning before my shot.  And I have to do PFT testing before every shot.  So far just minor reactions.  Keep your fingers crossed.  My asthma is more severe than it appears to be, I can walk and talk and blow a 20% of expected on my PFT with low Oxygen levels.  So it gets kind of aggravating when you tell someone you are having problems and need to go home and they tell you that you look absolutely fine….  Same kind of thing with my seizures…  Have had more than a few people tell me allergy shots didn’t work for them.   They might not work for me, but I have to try.  When you blow PFT’s that would mean hospitalization for most people, and you have huge reactions to Grass, Dogs, Cats, Dust and molds.  And allergic reaction could be deadly to me.