This is your weekend update!

Still in the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet….

Oatmeal is on the list of foods I should be able to eat.  Ordered some at Starbucks a few weeks ago, and after eating had severe cramping….  remembered back to the last Oatmeal Raisin cookie…. You know those bastard cookies that make you think they are Chocolate Chip… But one bite and…. nope….  Last time I ate one of them I got instantly sick.  So this weekend I made a batch of Steel cut oats and had a scoop, and…. no fun.  My stomach was shot for the rest of the day.   I also reacted to Cantaloupe and Raspberries which are supposed to be Low FODMAP.  Before I went on the Low FODMAP diet I read about not eating vegetables raw, that seemed to help and could explain the Raspberry and Cantaloupe reaction, I can’t imagine cooked Cantaloupe would taste very good though.

Didn’t get a chance to bike this weekend, helping Flash with stuff around the house.   Tried a different Beachbody workout called Cize!  It was a  lot of fun.  More on Beachbody on an upcoming post.

I’ve been breathing pretty well since June/July.  Working on Diet and Exercise, check!  Physical therapy check!  But then the weather starts to change and then I remember why I don’t like September.  Even though I’m working out and eating correctly and taking my meds on time.   That weather change is something I can’t beat.  So woke up and hit the nebulizer.  Heads stuffed up, chest congestion, headache.   Hopefully all my hard work paid off and I will have a short adjustment period.