“Happy” Dance!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy!

Friday Happy Dance!

I have been using Facebook for 10 years now.  And a lot of people have something that brands them on Social Media.  Mine is photography, food, and my Friday Dance!  The first 6 months and if I am being honest last November/December was not a happy time for me so I really got away from my Friday Happy Dance. Around June my depression and anxiety started to become manageable.  In May I started Physical Therapy on my Shoulder and in July I decided that I needed to start on a regular Workout plan.  I saw that Beachbody was on-demand like Netflix which made it affordable.  And of course me being me, thought I’ll try P90X… Nope…  So then I saw a new challenge starting up called Shift Shop that was a three week challenge starting July 24th.  I had July 28th through August 13th off for vacation.  The workouts started out at 25 minutes, next week 35 minutes, third week 45 minutes.  The first week I would break every 5-10 minutes, I highly modified the workout and I started to break out in a gnarly Heat Rash under my right armpit.  I still have the Heat Rash issue, but am getting better at managing it.  The second week I started off with 1 break in the middle and by the third week I could make it through the whole 45 minutes only taking the small breaks allocated in the video.  Of course due to health issues, I still had to modify, there were some moves I couldn’t do at all, so I would work my shoulders when it came to things I couldn’t do.  Then I tried Core-de-Force for about a week, and it was fun, but still too many movements I couldn’t do without pain, so I decided to wait on that challenge.  Tried a couple of the routines from Rockin Body and liked them, decided to then try YOUv2 which was kind of fun, but once you try the Shaun T workouts, I wasn’t having as much fun or looking forward to the work out.  I think if I had tried YOUv2 first it would have been a different story, because they really are fun and great when you are getting back into working out.   So back to the Rockin Body Workouts!  I think they are a Blast and they are definitely putting the Happy Dance back into my Fridays and everyday of the week.