This is your weekend update!

Still in the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet….

Oatmeal is on the list of foods I should be able to eat.  Ordered some at Starbucks a few weeks ago, and after eating had severe cramping….  remembered back to the last Oatmeal Raisin cookie…. You know those bastard cookies that make you think they are Chocolate Chip… But one bite and…. nope….  Last time I ate one of them I got instantly sick.  So this weekend I made a batch of Steel cut oats and had a scoop, and…. no fun.  My stomach was shot for the rest of the day.   I also reacted to Cantaloupe and Raspberries which are supposed to be Low FODMAP.  Before I went on the Low FODMAP diet I read about not eating vegetables raw, that seemed to help and could explain the Raspberry and Cantaloupe reaction, I can’t imagine cooked Cantaloupe would taste very good though.

Didn’t get a chance to bike this weekend, helping Flash with stuff around the house.   Tried a different Beachbody workout called Cize!  It was a  lot of fun.  More on Beachbody on an upcoming post.

I’ve been breathing pretty well since June/July.  Working on Diet and Exercise, check!  Physical therapy check!  But then the weather starts to change and then I remember why I don’t like September.  Even though I’m working out and eating correctly and taking my meds on time.   That weather change is something I can’t beat.  So woke up and hit the nebulizer.  Heads stuffed up, chest congestion, headache.   Hopefully all my hard work paid off and I will have a short adjustment period.

I want to ride my Bicycle!

I want to ride my Bicycle!

Introducing my new bike. I named it Excalibur!

Got my new bike a couple of weeks ago.  I named it Excalibur!  Been riding a couple of times and put 18 miles on it this weekend.  It is a nice stable bike and very comfortable to ride.   Right now I am just riding on paved flat trails.  Pretty boring, but I am building up my strength and endurance.  I immediately replaced the seat with a nice wide cushy seat.  I am starting a new Beachbody challenge today and tighten up on the eating for a month or two.  Trying to lose 20 by Christmas this year.  I think that is an obtainable goal.

“Happy” Dance!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy!

Friday Happy Dance!

I have been using Facebook for 10 years now.  And a lot of people have something that brands them on Social Media.  Mine is photography, food, and my Friday Dance!  The first 6 months and if I am being honest last November/December was not a happy time for me so I really got away from my Friday Happy Dance. Around June my depression and anxiety started to become manageable.  In May I started Physical Therapy on my Shoulder and in July I decided that I needed to start on a regular Workout plan.  I saw that Beachbody was on-demand like Netflix which made it affordable.  And of course me being me, thought I’ll try P90X… Nope…  So then I saw a new challenge starting up called Shift Shop that was a three week challenge starting July 24th.  I had July 28th through August 13th off for vacation.  The workouts started out at 25 minutes, next week 35 minutes, third week 45 minutes.  The first week I would break every 5-10 minutes, I highly modified the workout and I started to break out in a gnarly Heat Rash under my right armpit.  I still have the Heat Rash issue, but am getting better at managing it.  The second week I started off with 1 break in the middle and by the third week I could make it through the whole 45 minutes only taking the small breaks allocated in the video.  Of course due to health issues, I still had to modify, there were some moves I couldn’t do at all, so I would work my shoulders when it came to things I couldn’t do.  Then I tried Core-de-Force for about a week, and it was fun, but still too many movements I couldn’t do without pain, so I decided to wait on that challenge.  Tried a couple of the routines from Rockin Body and liked them, decided to then try YOUv2 which was kind of fun, but once you try the Shaun T workouts, I wasn’t having as much fun or looking forward to the work out.  I think if I had tried YOUv2 first it would have been a different story, because they really are fun and great when you are getting back into working out.   So back to the Rockin Body Workouts!  I think they are a Blast and they are definitely putting the Happy Dance back into my Fridays and everyday of the week.


Quick and Dirty on the FODMAP diet.

I have been on the FODMAP Elimination diet to determine what is causing my IBS and Acid reflux.  What does FODMAP Stand for?  Fermentable Oligo-, Di- and Mono-saccharides, and Polyols which are short-chain carbohydrates and sugar alcohols.  This causes the small intestine to poorly absorb food and then it starts to ferment and then that attracts more water to my intestines and causes all sorts of fun things, but my least favorite thing is the “BLOATING”  and gas and other nastiness isn’t that much fun either.

So right now I have to stay away from artichokes, asparagus, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, lentils, mushrooms, onions, and peas….  Pretty much half of what I eat.  Most everything I cook starts with onions and Garlic.  Quite a few of my favorite fruits such as Blackberries, Cherries, apples, peaches pears, watermelon.   I am supposedly supposed to be able to eat Cantaloupe, raspberries and bananas but those also cause me issues.  Lactose in Dairy.  Butter and Whipped Cream are okay.  The only kind of cheese I eat is Mozzarella, and I don’t drink milk or eat yoghurt.   Products made from Wheat or Rye, but I can eat real Sourdough bread since it is fermented.   Gluten isn’t an issue as far as the FODMAP diet is concerned.  Oatmeal is supposed to be okay, but it causes severe abdominal cramping…..  Sugars I can’t eat are HFCS, Agave Syrup, Honey and non-sugar alcohol sweeteners: sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol and maltitol.  The only big deal there is the Honey as I like Raw Local unfiltered honey, so I hope that isn’t one of my triggers.  Nuts are with moderation but no Pistachios or Cashews, most of my homemade milk was Cashew…..   No dried fruits.

Before I saw this particular Doctor, I had stopped eating Raw Fruits and Vegetables and that seemed to also make a difference.

So that is my quick and dirty rundown on the FODMAP diet and IBS.