Gonna Fly Now!

Gonna Fly Now! 

Today starts Physical therapy on my Feet, Ankles, Knees and Hips.  And I figured Gonna Fly Now! is a much better title Physical Therapy on my bottom Half…..

When I wake up in the mornings, and when I am riding in a car or the train, there is a period of time that my ankles are tight and hard to move.  And I have a real hard time walking for about 1 minute.  This isn’t something related to my weight.

I also can’t do Pushups or Planks or anything that sustains my weight for more than a few seconds on my hands, wrists or feet.  My extra weight has something to do with this, plus I haven’t really been exercising like that lately.  And when I do Pushups from my knees, that actually hurts worse than a regular pushup.  I can’t stand on my tip toes for any sustained amount of time.

Latterly my Hips aren’t that strong, I think this is a common thing amongst Computer Jockeys.


My flexibility is getting better but it isn’t that great yet.  So Lunges and deep knee bends are no fun.

So off to Physical Therapy and the ability to get stronger at Kicking Ass on my workouts!



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