From here on out I am going to title my posts with a Song!  Cause I’m a Rocker Chick, the Beast from the East!  So how did I get to where I am today.   And what made me make the Changes I am embarking on.

I was born close to Pittsburgh PA.  It was a tough and long labor for my mom, in fact they didn’t think either of us where going to make it.  I actually had my Last rights given to me.  But after about 100 hours of labor, I was finally here!   A few birth Trauma related issues such as two different kinds of Epilepsy.  Hip and Leg deformities.  And Asthma allergies.  They expected my brain damage to be worse and they thought I would have more problems getting around.

PE was not my favorite class.  I wanted to be athletic, but for multiple reasons I wasn’t, that is a whole blog on its own.  We moved from Pennsylvania to Renton Washington when I was almost 13.   My parent’s pulled me from PE.  Two days after we moved here on February 13th, I met my husband Flash.  Despite not being in PE, I have always been a Tomboy and a Daredevil.

I didn’t start having weight issues until I was around 23 and had some severe asthma attacks and bronchitis.   High doses of Steroids, Antibiotics and Theophylline and I packed on the weight.  I started hitting the Gym and Hiking and biking and by my 10th High School reunion I was fit and trim.   By my 20th High School reunion I was quite heavy.  I joined Weight Watchers for the first time and easily lost the weight before I turned 40.   So I hit my goal and decided I knew what I was doing and stopped going to Weight Watchers and then put most of the weight back on.  I then joined Weight Watchers again.  This time I made Lifetime and then lather, rinse and repeat.  And in November 2013 my job duties became more stressful than ever before and issues with my parent’s health started to escalate.   And both of my parent’s were heavy smokers, and they were no longer able to get around.  To top it off I was hitting that delightful age of hormonal and temperature changes.  Hooray!   My anxiety issues kept building, and both of my parents got sicker and would go back and forth between Home, the Hospital and Nursing homes.  I was able to visit them when they weren’t in their home.  In January 2017 my Mom passed away.  My dad then went into the Hospital and later nursing Home and he passed away in April 2017.   I was trying to handle things as well as I could, but my depression and stress levels were at a breaking point.  So my doctor put me on SSRI’s at the beginning of February.  In April I fell and hurt my shoulder.   And frankly, I just don’t lose weight as easily as I used to.  In May I started Physical Therapy.  In April I fell in love with a bike, and I did some Photography and Marketing work for Flash and as long as I was able to sell my old bikes, I could pick up my new Bike.

Fast Forward to about mid-July.     After completing Physical Therapy on my shoulders, and selling my bikes, and being on the SSRI’s for about 6 months, my attitude started to improve.  I was scheduled to take 2 weeks of vacation, so I decided it was time to make a change.  So I decided to find a BeachBody coach and started to try the different work outs.   And on the 23rd of July I participated in a challenge called Shift Shop.  The challenge lasted 3 weeks.   It was really above my ability, but the beauty of BeachBody is I’m doing it at home, I’m not worried about anyone laughing at me, and I can modify it for my current Health and ability.  And I really did a lot of modifications.  I completed it, and lost 5.6 pounds, and 5 inches.  Continuing with the BeachBody because it seems to be making a big difference.  So stay tuned for more updates.