Gonna Fly Now!

Gonna Fly Now! 

Today starts Physical therapy on my Feet, Ankles, Knees and Hips.  And I figured Gonna Fly Now! is a much better title Physical Therapy on my bottom Half…..

When I wake up in the mornings, and when I am riding in a car or the train, there is a period of time that my ankles are tight and hard to move.  And I have a real hard time walking for about 1 minute.  This isn’t something related to my weight.

I also can’t do Pushups or Planks or anything that sustains my weight for more than a few seconds on my hands, wrists or feet.  My extra weight has something to do with this, plus I haven’t really been exercising like that lately.  And when I do Pushups from my knees, that actually hurts worse than a regular pushup.  I can’t stand on my tip toes for any sustained amount of time.

Latterly my Hips aren’t that strong, I think this is a common thing amongst Computer Jockeys.


My flexibility is getting better but it isn’t that great yet.  So Lunges and deep knee bends are no fun.

So off to Physical Therapy and the ability to get stronger at Kicking Ass on my workouts!




2CELLOS – Thunderstruck [LIVE]

AC/DC is one of my favorite groups to work out to.  Thought I would find a unique version of one of my favorite songs!  Enjoy!

In order to establish good work out patterns the first organ you have to engage is your brain.   And when your brain is overwhelmed, stressed, tired and overworked it is almost impossible to take care of yourself.  And to top it off, I have a neurodivergent brain.  So I over analyze, over think, over plan and think I have to have everything perfect before I proceed and then I get Stuck.   I started studying different workout plans on Youtube and talking to friends.  I then decided to try Beachbody.  Put feelers out on Facebook for a great Beachbody Coach.  Got a couple of suggestions and chose the one I thought would be best for me.   I signed up for the 14 day free trial and I liked what I saw so I signed up for a 3  month membership.  And on July 23rd started a 3 week challenge.  I was on vacation July 28th through August 14th so I had a lot of time to give to establishing good work out patterns.

What I like about Beachbody is I don’t have to go to the Gym! You don’t have to have any special equipment.   You do it on your own time and your own terms.  I can modify to fit my own needs and when I can kick ass on an exercise I go all out.  I feel like the Coaches are in the room with me cheering me on.  And there is no one there to judge the way I work out.  There are many workout plans, and they are on demand.  And you can actually change the Audio and some even have the ability to change the video to show a person who is modifying the exercises.  Program Files are attached to each workout and you can print out a calendar and Recipes, handbooks and more!  We used a Challenge app and I  could track my measurements, weight, pictures and get encouragement from coaches and other people participating in Challenges.  I am undergoing Physical Therapy on multiple parts of my body, and there are particular exercise I just can’t do.  So I am free to modify.  I really like that I can personalize this to fit my needs.

Beachbody has what looks like some really great supplements and a line of nutrient drinks called Shakeology.  I am currently following a Doctor recommended diet so I haven’t tried them, but they appear to be a good option.  They have an on demand cooking show, and portion control containers.  They have diet plans that go with a lot of the workouts.  And all the cooking ideas look on point.

I have been doing it for about 6 weeks now, and I really notice a difference and my hubby also notices a difference.  It is a lot easier to even get dressed in the morning.

I am having great success on this program,  if you want more info hit me up and I will put you in contact with my Beachbody Coach.


I.B.S. (I actually found a rap song about it)

Went to see a Gastrointestinal Doctor this morning.  And she confirmed that I have I.B.S.  So we are working on an action plan.  I will be going on an Elimination Diet and following a Low FODMAP diet plan.  FODMAPs (Fermentable Oligo-saccharides, Di-saccharides, Mono-saccharides And Polyols) are problematic for those with IBS.  My doctor recommended a Couple of Books, so I am going with the book listed on the following Webpage.  IBS Elimination Diet

I have already started eliminating processed foods and trying to cook most of my food at home.  Since June I have lost 18 pounds.  Hopefully I will find out what my trigger foods are and I won’t look like I swallowed a Basketball anymore.



From here on out I am going to title my posts with a Song!  Cause I’m a Rocker Chick, the Beast from the East!  So how did I get to where I am today.   And what made me make the Changes I am embarking on.

I was born close to Pittsburgh PA.  It was a tough and long labor for my mom, in fact they didn’t think either of us where going to make it.  I actually had my Last rights given to me.  But after about 100 hours of labor, I was finally here!   A few birth Trauma related issues such as two different kinds of Epilepsy.  Hip and Leg deformities.  And Asthma allergies.  They expected my brain damage to be worse and they thought I would have more problems getting around.

PE was not my favorite class.  I wanted to be athletic, but for multiple reasons I wasn’t, that is a whole blog on its own.  We moved from Pennsylvania to Renton Washington when I was almost 13.   My parent’s pulled me from PE.  Two days after we moved here on February 13th, I met my husband Flash.  Despite not being in PE, I have always been a Tomboy and a Daredevil.

I didn’t start having weight issues until I was around 23 and had some severe asthma attacks and bronchitis.   High doses of Steroids, Antibiotics and Theophylline and I packed on the weight.  I started hitting the Gym and Hiking and biking and by my 10th High School reunion I was fit and trim.   By my 20th High School reunion I was quite heavy.  I joined Weight Watchers for the first time and easily lost the weight before I turned 40.   So I hit my goal and decided I knew what I was doing and stopped going to Weight Watchers and then put most of the weight back on.  I then joined Weight Watchers again.  This time I made Lifetime and then lather, rinse and repeat.  And in November 2013 my job duties became more stressful than ever before and issues with my parent’s health started to escalate.   And both of my parent’s were heavy smokers, and they were no longer able to get around.  To top it off I was hitting that delightful age of hormonal and temperature changes.  Hooray!   My anxiety issues kept building, and both of my parents got sicker and would go back and forth between Home, the Hospital and Nursing homes.  I was able to visit them when they weren’t in their home.  In January 2017 my Mom passed away.  My dad then went into the Hospital and later nursing Home and he passed away in April 2017.   I was trying to handle things as well as I could, but my depression and stress levels were at a breaking point.  So my doctor put me on SSRI’s at the beginning of February.  In April I fell and hurt my shoulder.   And frankly, I just don’t lose weight as easily as I used to.  In May I started Physical Therapy.  In April I fell in love with a bike, and I did some Photography and Marketing work for Flash and as long as I was able to sell my old bikes, I could pick up my new Bike.

Fast Forward to about mid-July.     After completing Physical Therapy on my shoulders, and selling my bikes, and being on the SSRI’s for about 6 months, my attitude started to improve.  I was scheduled to take 2 weeks of vacation, so I decided it was time to make a change.  So I decided to find a BeachBody coach and started to try the different work outs.   And on the 23rd of July I participated in a challenge called Shift Shop.  The challenge lasted 3 weeks.   It was really above my ability, but the beauty of BeachBody is I’m doing it at home, I’m not worried about anyone laughing at me, and I can modify it for my current Health and ability.  And I really did a lot of modifications.  I completed it, and lost 5.6 pounds, and 5 inches.  Continuing with the BeachBody because it seems to be making a big difference.  So stay tuned for more updates.

Physical Therapy Phase 1.

Lets get physical! About mid April I fell in a parking lot and extended my left Arm out and landed with all of my weight and hurt the AC joint in my shoulder.   I couldn’t go to Physical Therapy right away, so I waited until May.  And after working with an excellent Physical Therapy team, my shoulder feels much better.

I will be starting Phase 2 of my Physical Therapy on my legs, knees, feet, ankles and hips.

Hopefully soon I am in monkey mode again.  You know monkeys are cute and flexible.